GENDARME EDC (Eau De Cologne)

Gendarme Cologne

The classic crisp, clean, fresh scent that started it all is simply Gendarme Cologne. Containing lemon and lime, bergamot, lavender, and just a hint of jasmine and lilac, there is nothing on the market like it.

The fragrance was born in 1983 by Topper Schroeder who wanted a signature scent that wouldn’t irritate his allergies. What he created was a sensual yet professional and down-to-business cologne that caught everyone’s attention.

Just a few sprays and everyone around you will take notice of the citrus and fruity scent and be drawn into you just a little bit closer and for just a little bit longer.

Available in 2 oz, 4 oz and 10 oz sizes.

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2 thoughts on “GENDARME EDC (Eau De Cologne)

  1. […] though, Joy became too strong and I was on the hunt for something much lighter. Then I discovered Gendarme, which is Mr. JAG’s favorite cologne. I loved it so much, it eventually became mine – […]

  2. […] Gendarme & Gendarme Carrière: These are men’s and women’s scents, respectively. They are very similar, with the women’s version being slightly more floral than the mens, but just as fresh. I love them both, and both my husband and I wear the line. It is pure soft soap, without any of the sharp edges in some “soapy” scents on the market. Launched in 1991, Gendarme is the original clean and fresh fragrance line, and has been copied by many others. It is still my personal favourite, and on hot summer days it’s a shower in a bottle. Either one is a great choice, and it is always in my perfume Read the full article […]

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