Is Gendarme for men or women?

Originally designed for men – specifically designed just for Topper – the original concept was for a clean masculine scent. But what was created was a crisp, clean, fresh scent that women everywhere love and began wearing.

Why can’t I smell my Gendarme when I wear it?

Your nose gets accustom to the fragrance. Gendarme is not overpowering and annoying like some fragrances. But hours after you’ve stopped noticing it, people around you still are. Besides, if you can smell your own cologne, you’re wearing the wrong one and too much of it!

Where did the name Gendarme come from?

It’s French for police. Originally coined homme d’armes or “man-at-arms,” the plural of which is gens d’armes evolved into Gendarmes and given the singular of Gendarme. The Gendarmes primarily served France from the late fifteenth century as heavy cavalrymen of noble birth to early modern European history as light cavalrymen that provided regular force to the Kings of France. Gendarmes of the day were powerful yet gentle figures who were respected and honorable; just like those who wear the cologne today are.

Why do the Gendarme products cost more than some other name-brand fragrances?

In a word, quality. Gendarme uses the best ingredients available and never sacrifices the product. And unlike other designer fragrances, Gendarme is produced in America and in smaller batches so we can exercise a strong personal watch over quality control. This attention to manufacturing means that the product will never go bad sitting on a shelf.

Why is there such a big price and quality difference from online discount stores?

If you search for Gendarme on the web you may find some imitation fragrances from fly-by-night retailers or uncontroled stock. These .com sites are not approved to sell Gendarme and are usually selling stale product or imitation water. The only way to ensure you are getting genuine Gendarme quality is to pay the suggested retail price at Gendarme.com, a major department store, or approved boutique retailer. You can find an approved retailer here on our site.

Why doesn’t my local store have all your products?

Sometimes new buyers just don’t know a good thing when it’s right under their nose. But we work hard to maintain the best relationship in the industry with our department store buyers and boutique owners. Sometimes they don’t have the space for everything, or they just got a rush on new supply. But if you want to see us somewhere special, let us know and we’ll introduce ourselves to the right folks and tell them there are loyal customers waiting!

How long does the Gendarme fragrance last in the bottle vs the can?

The fragrance components of Gendarme will remain fresh for three years in the glass bottle and five whole years in the mettle can. The main reason for the difference is light. But still, unlike other fragrances, Gendarme is one of the longest lasting – if you can keep it off you that long.

Is Gendarme hypoallergenic?

We can’t claim that the product is hypoallergenic, but Topper created the fragrance as to not to irritate him – and his allergies are legendary. In 20 years we can only think of only one person who said he had an allergic issue with Gendarme – but even he is still a loyal customer.

Why is Grabazzi so hard to find?

Grabazzi is a specialty brand that appeals to a discriminating few. Many retailers want products that fly off the shelf a little faster. Barney’s and Bloomingdales, however, cater to the discerning shopper and do a wonderful job of making the hard-to-find available. Plus it’s always available here online with us, and we welcome your order.

What makes Gendarme-V different from regular Gendarme?

Gendarme-V was created for the person who prefers a heavier, grassier scent than Gendarme. Although some people wear both, most are loyal to one or the other. The same is true of Grabazzi, which was created for people who prefer a little spice in their life!

Does Gendarme have a boutique?

Gendarme Boutique and Spa
9069 Nemo St.
West Hollywood, CA
Visit our website

Where do you ship the orders from?

All orders ship from Pomona, California.

What if my package is lost or stolen?

Please email us at service@gendarme.com. If your package is lost in transit, we will do everything we possibly can to assist you. However, we are not responsible for packages once proof of delivery is generated.

How do Gendarme Points Work?

Customers can earn Gendarme Points by creating an account and/or logging in before placing an order. Every dollar spent earns 1 point, and each point is redeemable for $.10.  (Example: $120 purchase earns 120 points which converts to $12.00). Redeeming points is easy. While logged into your Gendarme account, add items to the cart. When ready to checkout, select the cart, and near the top there will be a blue bar with “Use XX Gendarme Points for a $XX.XX discount on this order!” – Select Apply Discount and input the amount of points to use on the order. The Points Redemption line will then appear on the order with the discount, and your total will be updated. If you change your mind and don’t want to use points, select [Remove] on the Points Redemption line and the discount will be removed. The points will go back onto the account and can be used another time.