Our Scents

Gendarme EDC

Crisp green top notes of citrus and Verbena dry down to an herbal blend of Jasmine and Thyme. Alluring & subtle, hints of aged leather settle into skin to create a unique & seductive scent. Easy to wear and effortlessly g

Top:  Bergamot, Lemon. Verbena
Mid: Lavandin, Jasmine, Thyme
Dry: Lilac, Tonka Bean, Hint of Leather




Gendarme – EDP

As if you could improve on perfection, Gendarme – EDP is the parfum version of Gendarme. Much like any high-powered corporate executive, Gendarme – EDP is a little more powerful, a little more intense, and a little more commanding.

As an Eau De Parfum spray, more fragrance parts make up this version of Gendarme. It was developed from a customer’s request to be able to continue smelling Gendarme on himself all day long – past when his nose simply got used to the scent. And like any top executive, Gendarme – EDP seems to work 24/7.

With the same crisp, clean, fresh scent of classic Gendarme, this version is perfect for that professional on the go.


Gendarme – V EDC

Very different, yet invitingly familiar, Gendarme – V is a blend of sensual Malaysian grasses with accents of smokey wood but softened with a smooth base of citrus and herbs.

Some people think it’s called “5.” Originally inspired by vetiver, a tall, dense, wild grass with long narrow leaves, the fragrance would have been called “vetiver.” But when it was ready for release, a competitor released a vetiver-style fragrance that was not good at all. So to distance this wonderful scent from that competitor’s flop, a simple name change was made.

Sought after for its calming, protective, soothing and uplifting characteristics, the vetiver can be found in Java, Haiti, Japan, Indonesia, and South India. Wearing this cologne will have people wondering what wonderfully exciting travels you have embarked upon.



Gendarme – SKY EDT


With juniper berry, a very unique lime, and spicy cardamom, SKY EDT is a truly special fragrance unlike any other. Originally, Topper wanted to call the fragrance Heaven but SKY fit even better.

In one of the most elegant containers in the Gendarme Fragrance family, SKY is a great addition to any bathroom countertop.






 Gendarme – Green EDP

An exhilarating and fresh herbal tonic fragrance, Gendarme – Green EDP blends cucumber, basil, citrus, and spice notes into a very wearable scent for both men and women.

With a commitment to the environment, this was the first product in the Gendarme Fragrances line to come in a lightweight metal can. This new packaging uses less natural resources (no outer paper box and cardboard protector), lighter materials (no heavy glass), has a longer shelf life (no wasted product). It has a lower carbon footprint than many top designer brand fragrances.

Never over-powering and full of energy, staying “Green” is right for a happy world in its sleek, modern 4oz recyclable can.



Gendarme – 20 EDP

Gendarme 20 EDP  is a modern classic fragrance that captures the cool, fresh essence of clean white linen. A fragrance so soft and subtle yet combined with citrus floral notes. An amalgam of citrus and herbs that refresh, uplift and soothe the spirit. It creates confidence and comfort.




Grabazzi EDC

The man who’s passionate about everything wears the passionate, Grabazzi. Deeply warm and musky with cola berry and spicy carnation, this fragrance has the strength not to be toyed with.

When describing the differences in the aromas, fragrance creator Topper will say that you choose to spray on Grabazzi, “when you absolutely must get laid.” Because you will!

All of the sprays created at Gendarme Fragrances are studied, admired, and imitated industry-wide. Grabazzi is the scent other fragrance makers want – often making bids to buy the formula. But nobody will ever take over this winning scent.

Grabazzi is available in a 10oz can, 4oz bottle, or convenient .5oz travel container.



Carrière EDP

Carrière Edp is a feminine twist on the iconic Gendarme Eau de Cologne. A romantic blend of white florals transforms the iconic fresh citrus notes that define Gendarme. Lavender and lilac add an herbal sweetness leaving behind a soft and alluring aroma. A fresh and modern fragrance created for her.

Carrière is available in a 4 & 2oz spray along with a convent 1oz& .27oz  travel companion.