Grabazzi EDC

The man who’s passionate about everything wears the passionate, Grabazzi. Deeply warm and musky with cola berry and spicy carnation, this fragrance has the strength not to be toyed with.

When describing the differences in the aromas, fragrance creator Topper will say that you choose to spray on Grabazzi, “when you absolutely must get laid.” Because you will!

All of the sprays created at Gendarme Fragrances are studied, admired, and imitated industry-wide. Grabazzi is the scent other fragrance makers want – often making bids to buy the formula. But nobody will ever take over this winning scent.

Grabazzi is available in a 1.7 oz Travel Can,  10 oz Spray Can & 4 oz Spray Bottle.

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  • Grabazzi 4oz Eau de Cologne

    Grabazzi EDC

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