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Just the Whiff of it Makes Me Happy

“I found Gendarme years ago at a high end men’s store near Franklin, TN. I bought it for my husband and soon swiped it from him…. I have been in love with it for probably ten years…I have a hard time finding it here in Nashville, TN but had discovered a year ago I can order it direct. I can’t imagine life without Gendarme…for some reason it lifts my spirits and just the whiff of it makes me happy. to me, there has never been a fragrance made that can smell as great as Gendarme. I laughingly told one of your associates one time that if God has a fragrance this is what I believe He would smell like. It’s PURE is how I will define it. I am not the kind of person who ever writes a testimonial about a product but this is different…LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, my Gendarme.”

– Saundra T.

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