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Gendarme: A Men’s Cologne Used By Hollywood Celebrities

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Gendarme is one of the top high-quality men’s colognes. This statement may seem to be hyperbole, but truth can be stranger than fiction, even in Hollywood.

Gendarme eau de cologne, to give it its full and proper name, is the original creation of the one and only Topper Schroeder, owner of The Gendarmerie, an exclusive men’s spa just off Santa Monica Boulevard, halfway between Beverly Hills and Hollywood itself, in the neighborhood known as West Hollywood. As an aside, just for your information, Los Angeles Magazine has featured the Gendarmerie as offering one of the “best spa treatments for men.”

Back in 1983, Topper Schroeder needed a fragrance that he could “wear with pride, but without annoying skin irritations or asthmatic reactions”. What started as a scent to satisfy his own personal requirements soon became a popular item among the Hollywood elite, men who need to be well-groomed and elegant every day.

The runaway success of this fresh, citrusy non-allergenic scent among Hollywood’s leading men dovetailed with the success of the Gendarmerie spa, located on Nemo Street, in the area known as West Hollywood. The men of Hollywood, for whom a polished, dapper appearance is a job requirement, come to the Gendarmerie for a full range of services: scrubs and rubs, trims and facials, manicures and pedicures, often topped off with a splash of Gendarme cologne for men.
Gendarme eau de cologne is designed to be subtle. It has a clean, crisp, fresh scent, composed of lemon and lime, bergamot and lavender, with just a hint of jasmine and lilac. It gives the impression you’ve just stepped out of the shower — and the Gendarme scent remains on the skin for a long time – well into the night.
As you might expect, Gendarme men’s cologne is near the top end of the price range for men’s products. However, a travel sized container is available for about half the price of the largest bottle. As befits a scent with this luxurious, glamorous pedigree, the product is packaged in an understated black box with the Gendarme name and logo discreetly presented in white. The bottle reverses the color scheme, with a white label and simple black graphics and text. The most distinctive touch is a sword-slash mark crossing the capital G of Gendarme on the label of the bottle.


Gendarme cologne for men is a luxurious top end cologne with the following features:

  • Packaged in a classy, understated black box and white bottle, both with simple, clean designs — impressive as a gift, in your travel case, or on your bathroom counter
  • Fragrance that is particularly long lasting on the skin throughout the day
  • Fragrance that is carefully designed to be subtle, with tones of lemon and lime, lavender, and bergamot, combined with hints of jasmine and lilac, which come together in a fresh, citrus scent — simultaneously clean, masculine and understated


  • Gendarme eau de cologne is suitable for a number of scenarios. It is a daytime cologne for working hours, of course, with — as you might expect from a cologne with a southern California pedigreee — a pleasant scent that is effective and long-lasting even on warm days. Also, as befits its glamorous Hollywood birthplace, you will find that Gendarme is suitable as an accompaniment to an evening event.
  • A single application of Gendarme cologne has a long lasting effect, which helps to balance the higher cost of the product.
  • Gendarme men’s cologne is specially formulated to be non-allergenic. It will not cause irritations on the skin or affect asthmatic conditions.
  • Packaging for Gendarme cologne is clean and understated, in simple black and white. It is ideal for gifting to any man who wants a dapper touch throughout his workday, into his evening hours, and perhaps even on weekends.
  • Gendarme eau de cologne is available in a range of sizes: sprays in 1 oz, 2 oz, and 4 oz bottles, plus a 10 oz recharge bottle and a 1.7 oz travel sized can.
  • Because of its fresh fragrance, Gendarme can be — and is — also worn by women who want a long-lasting, high-quality, non-allergenic scent.

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Father’s Day 2016 – The June 3 for 3 Special








Whether it’s for the Dad, The Grad or your Pad…

Stock up now with our special:

The June 3 for 3 special:
1- 10 oz. Gendarme Spray Cologne (recharge)    $137.
1- 4 oz.    Gendarme Moisture Balm                     $45.
1- 1.7 oz Gendarme Deodorant                            $22.
Value Priced at $159.99.  (Regularly $204)


Sold Exclusively at
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Semi Annual Layerit2 Promotion

It’s back !!!  (no … not the shower gel)
Our now Semi Annual
Online Layering Event
is Back by popular demand

Create your own personal Gendarme Fragrance using our $45.00 Off any 1 (one) 1.7 oz Travel Size Fragrance ($50 value) with any 6 ounce  fragrance purchase over $100.

Several Gendarme aficionados have let me know how much they love making their own personal scent using or more Gendarme Fragrances.

If you haven’t tried it, it’s simple. Lay down a fine mist of Gendarme (or whatever) and top it off with a touch of another.

One of the most popular is Grabazzi topped off with SKY.

Or try Gendarme EDP topped off with Gendarme V

It does make a difference which you put down first so experiment with it until you find what suits you best.

All of our fragrances work well together but remember your metabolism will also make them different.

To encourage you, we’re making you a very special offer to get you started.

1) Simply order any Gendarme Fragrance in a 6 ounce size ($100 value or larger)

2) Then add to cart  any 1 (one)  1.7 oz Travel Size Fragrance  ($50).

3) At the check out screen, please use coupon code layerit2  and we will deduct $45 so that you receive the 1.7 ounce travel size fragrance for only $5. (what a bargin!)

Coupon code expires 9/19/2015 Midnight Pacific Time

If you have any questions, please feel free call me directly at 310-281-3730 ext 12 or email me at [email protected]

Topper Schroeder
CEO Founder – Gendarme Fragrances

Here is where you enter the coupon code: layerit2
Promo Coupon Code screen
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Gendarme Price Increase effective 7/1/2015


MAY 26, 2015
Dear Gendarme Fragrances consumer,
We regret that do to the rising costs of raw materials & transportation this necessitate the raising of the prices of our Gendarme Fragrances on 7/1/2015. We have made every attempt to avoid this price increase.
Item # Description                            UPC/GITN     OLD    NEW Suggested Retail Price

CC20 GENDARME 1.7 Spray Cologne              746147200995 $45.00  $50.00
C200 GENDARME 2oz Spray Cologne              746147200018 $58.00  $63.00
C40S GENDARME 4oz Spray Cologne              746147405017 $85.00  $93.00
C1010 GENDARME 10oz Spray Recharge           746147801109 $125.00 $137.00
B440 GENDARME 4oz Moisture Balm              746147410141 $45.00  $45.00
D171 GENDARME 1.7 oz. Deodorant              746147417010 $20.00  $22.00
S440 GENDARME Shave Cream 4oz                746147411209 $22.00  $24.00
GG20 GREEN 1.7 oz. Travel Spray Can          746147622025 $45.00  $50.00
GG60 GREEN 6oz Eau de Partum                 746147644041 $90.00  $100.00
SKY2  SKY 1.7 oz. Travel Spray Can           746147247228 $45.00  $50.00
SKY60 SKY EDT 6oz EDT Spray                  746147676004 $100.00 $110.00
BSK4  SKY BALM 4oz                           746147407400 $42.00  $45.00
GE20  G EDP 1.7 oz. Travel Spray Can         746147222010 $45.00  $50.00
GEDP6 G EDP 6oz                              746147600016 $110.00 $120.00
GT20 GENDARME 20 1.7oz Travel Spray ED       746147602027 $45.00  $50.00
GTO4 GENDARME 20 4oz EDT                     746147604014 $75.00  $82.00
GT60 GENDARME 20 6oz EDT Can                 746147606001 $100.00 $120.00
V200 V 1.7 oz. Travel Spray Can              746147207024 $45.00 $50.00
VC20 V 2oz Spray Cologne                     746147207017 $55.00 $63.00
VC40 V 4oz Spray Cologne                     746147407011 $85.00 $93.00
VC60 V 6oz Spray Cologne                     746147406663 $100.00 $110.00
ZZ20 GRABAZZI 1.7oz Travel Spray Can         746147320921 $45.00 $50.00
ZC40 GRABAZZI 4oz Spray Cologne              746147320044 $90.00 $100.00
Z1010 GRABAZZI 10oz Spray Cologne            746147323007 $120.00 $135.00
AP20 CARRIERE 2oz Eau de Partum Spray        746147100202 $87.00 $95.00
AP40 CARRIERE 4oz Eau de Partum Spray        746147100400 $125.00 $135.00
ACJ67 CARRIERE Body Cream 6.7oz JAR          746147110676 $85.00 $90.00
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Gendarme Father’s Day 2015

Click image to see full size

Dad & I Gift Set


This set includes:

1-Gendarme 10 oz Spray Cologne

1-Gendarme 1.7 oz  Travel Spray  Cologne

1- Limited Edition Gendarme  4 oz Moisture Balm


($215.00 value)



Save 15% Off Regular Priced Gendarme Fragrances Over $99 (excluding Value Gift Sets)

Enter Code GREATDAD at checkout screen … Coupon Code expires 6/20/15

Promo Coupon Code screen


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Introducing The Gendarme Collection

Gendarme Collection

For the first time ever…Only at or at The Gendarmerie.

All 7 of the Gendarme distributed fragrances in one super-value set. A full collection of our 1.7 Ounce Fine Mist Spray Travelers: Gendarme, Grabazzi, Gendarme EDP, Gendarme V, Gendarme 20, SKY, Gendarme Green – Whether you’re a collector, an aficionado  it’s the Gendarme bargain of the decade.

A $315.00 Value = Now for just $215.00*

1 Great Value -7 Unforgettable Fragrances

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