Gendarme EDP 6oz Spray

Gendarme EDP (Eau De Parfum)

As if you could improve on perfection, Gendarme Eau De Parfum (EDP) is the parfum version of Gendarme. Much like any high-powered corporate executive, Gendarme – EDP is a little more powerful, a little more intense, and a little more commanding.

As an Eau De Parfum, more fragrance parts make up this version of Gendarme. It was developed from a customer’s request to be able to continue smelling Gendarme on himself all day long – past when his nose simply got used to the scent. And like any top executive, Gendarme – EDP seems to work 24/7.

With the same crisp, clean, fresh scent of classic Gendarme, this version is perfect for that professional on the go.

Gendarme EDP comes in a 1.7 oz & 6 oz aluminum spray can.

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