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Janice Wald HendersonI never thought my husband and I would fight over a scent. That’s right, we both love Gendarme. This shared affection for an eau de cologne means we only need to pack one. And when cruising, space is everything.

I discovered Gendarme at the 2011 HBO Luxury Lounge for the recent Golden Globes at the Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills. This exclusive lounge was for Golden Globe nominees.

Topper Schroeder, who created the cologne in 1991, had no professional fragrance experience, but was desperate for a scent that didn’t trigger his allergies. He developed Gendarme, and today, Gendarme is a cult (in a good way) celeb favorite.

The lure of Gendarme for men and women is that its scent is so, well, clean. It’s not fruity, floral, sweet or spicy. It’s slightly citrusy, with bergamot and lavender notes, and a hint of jasmine and lilac. Here’s the genius: Splash it on and you still smell like you, just a cleaner, fresher you.

Unlike most high-end fragrances, Gendarme is made in America, in small artisan batches. But be forewarned; Gendarme is addictive. One splash is never enough.

Think of Gendarme as the cologne equivalent of fresh-baked chocolate-chip cookies. (Four-ounce spray, $75; Gendarme.com)

by Janice Wald Henderson
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