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The Most Compliments I’ve Ever Received

“I discovered Gendarme cologne a few months ago when my friends referred me to the Gendarmerie Spa, which is literally connected to the business of the cologne company by a stairway. Quite literally, the most compliments I’ve ever received for a cologne. It’s unbelievable how many people have stopped me and asked me what I […]

Attraction Scents for Him

The ladies tell it like it is. To them, Gendarme just smells clean and a little like “nudity – which is a good thing.” See how the women on FOX 69 describe a great smelling guy.

Gendarme is a Tension Tamer

Feeling a little tense? Need to relax and get back to yourself in the moment? Try sniffing men’s cologne; according to Woman’s World magazine it is the number one way to put you in the right frame of mind. “Most men’s fragrances contain vetiver, a woodsy scent used in aromatherapy to induce calm!” the weekly […]

LL Cool J on Rachael Ray

Sitting down in Rachael Ray’s kitchen, the conversation centers around great food. And when fitness celebrity and Gendarme Ambassador LL Cool J came to the kitchen, he spoke a little about loving food but maintaining moderation and discipline. “We all basically know the rules to the game,” he told Rachael about indulging on sweets – […]

Dreams Don’t Have Deadlines

For the “Men of Style” in your life, LL COOL J suggests Gendarme fragrance. Of course, he is the product’s official Ambassador and a huge fan. But for LL, the power of Gendarme is more than just his signature crisp scent. It was part of a dream to be part of a brand he loved. […]

Just the Whiff of it Makes Me Happy

“I found Gendarme years ago at a high end men’s store near Franklin, TN. I bought it for my husband and soon swiped it from him…. I have been in love with it for probably ten years…I have a hard time finding it here in Nashville, TN but had discovered a year ago I can […]

I am Extremely Impressed with the Hands on Approach

“Called this morning and spoke to a very nice man, who if I’m not mistaken, said this was his company. I told him I had seen LL Cool J on television promoting this fragrance. He asked where I was calling from and commented on what a nice man LL was. He said he was going […]

LL Cool J Whiffed into his ET Interview

When rock-solid LL Cool J sat down to discuss fitness and nutrition with “Entertainment Tonight’s” Mary Hart, she not only gushed about his well-earned physique featured in March’s Men’s Fitness, but also his incredibly fresh smell. The author a new fitness book, LL says that Gendarme is his fragrance of choice because it helps him […]


I never thought my husband and I would fight over a scent. That’s right, we both love Gendarme. This shared affection for an eau de cologne means we only need to pack one. And when cruising, space is everything. I discovered Gendarme at the 2011 HBO Luxury Lounge for the recent Golden Globes at the […]

Making a Splash on Morning Television

LL Cool J made a big splash this morning on KTLA in Los Angeles when he appeared and gifted his favorite fragrance, Gendarme, to the entire news crew.

10 Men’s Fragrances that Women Love — for Themselves

If you are a woman who loves to wear fragrance but only if it’s not too floral or girly, maybe it’s time to expand your choices. This year, why not try a men’s scent? Odd? Not at all. Much, if not most, fragrance is unisex. It’s mainly the packaging, marketing and strength of the fragrance […]

Scent Notes: “Gendarme”

Cult scents are interesting in several ways, but primarily in how they became cults in the first place. There is never really a straightforward answer to the question; if marketers, whose job it is to build cults around products, knew the answer, then every individual in the world would have his own branded scent, ringtone […]

What to get Coco?

What do you give the guy who has got his own great new talk show on TBS? Well, when LL Cool J sat down with Conan to congratulate him on his great new show, he gifted Gendarme.

A Whiff of Freshness

Five years ago on my birthday, I received a gift from one of my muses and closest friends. From the shape of the simple white paper package, I could tell that it was either a cologne or skincare product. True enough, I received a bottle of clear scent. “Why would anyone give a cologne?” I […]

The Sweet Smell of Success

Gendarme was meant to fail from the very beginning, insists its current president and chief executive officer, Jonathan Risco. “I went to business school and the model that we have at Gendarme shouldn’t work. If you try to replicate the business model now it’s very hard. It’s like a scene from Forrest Gump. Despite weird […]

Gendarme – A Lightly Clean and Crisp Men’s Fragrance

I will never forget my first experience with Gendarme, which today is still one of my favorite, if not the favorite, cologne I like to wear. It was 1991 and I had just moved to Los Angeles, California, and I was out shopping with some friends at the Beverly Center, a large commercial shopping mall.  […]